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Furry Friends Salon
Furry Friends Salon, llc. 1496 N Higley Rd Suite 101 Gilbert, Az 85234 
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Furry Friends Salon is a full service pet grooming salon Located in Gilbert Arizona.

We will treat your Furry Friend as you would, with lots of love and care to make their grooming experience the best it can possible be.

Being caged up brings added stress to you're pet, that's why Furry Friends Salon is a cageless salon, so you're pet can relax and enjoy their grooming.

With a Full Service Grooming includes:

A relaxing bath with a high quality natural Pet Shampoo
Haircut & Style
Nails Clipped & Filed
Ears Cleaned/Plucked
Teeth Brushing
Glands expressed if needed
Fresh sent perfume so they leave looking and smelling wonderful!!! 

We also have a hypoallergenic shampoo along with oatmeal shampoos and conditioners for your Furry Friends who have more sensitive skins or dry skin. 
We're located in the Safeway Shopping Center

SW Corner of Higley and Baseline
1496 N Higley Rd 
Suite 101
Gilbert, Az 85234